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Ready to share your expertise, story, and tools of the yoga trade with the Sticky Mat Society?

We’re excited to accept guest blog post topics that range from blogging for business to meeting biz/yoga buds to staying pro even when others lack ethics.

If you’re interested in letting your content shine, we’d love to have you submit a blog post topic that falls into one of the four corners of the Sticky Mat Society topics.

The Four Corners Of The Sticky Mat Society.

A sticky mat has four sides, and our society is built on four key cornerstones.

Biz ethics >> Ethics may be alien in the yoga industry, but not for long. We want to unearth ethical concepts that are relevant to the yogic world including monetary elements, dealing with relationships and contracts, and honoring boundaries.

Mindful marketing >> Marketing done in a mindful way delivers value and allows you as the expert to make more impact. Win, win. We’re interested in marketing concepts that are conscious and intentional. We’re also very invested in breaking down the perception that marketing ain’t yogic.

Community Curation >> Crafting community is an essential part of the yoga world on a micro and micro level. The Sticky Mat Society gets community and we want to talk candidly about cultivating community with students, clients, colleagues, and business buds.

Everlasting education >> SMS loves continuing education because we know it’s the glue to keeps us in the know and informed. Education is the key to elevating our industry and we want our society to be a catalyst for information, education, and empowerment.

Write for the Society

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