Join the Society

The thing about that Sticky Mat society is that it’s kind of a secret society. It’s not secret because we don’t love you. We definitely love you. It’s secret, because we’ve vowed to keep it exclusive to yoga teachers & educators who are committed to elevating this industry by contributing to the conversation.

We’ve all sat through webinars and conference calls where no one has any questions or insight. The kind of call where the moderator just sits awkwardly on one end of the line waiting for someone to pipe up, but no one ever does. We’re not going to have any of that.

We founded the Sticky Mat Society on the idea that higher thought and laser-focused strategy is what we need to take this industry from barely valued to invaluable. But we have to have a community that will pick apart these strategies—looking for holes and looking for opportunity.

We’re building that community here. And it all starts on our Quarterly Sticky Mat Session.

If you are willing, able and inspired to participate in the conversation, please fill out the application below.