Episode 37: Creating Content for your Yoga Business

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The Show:

Content creation as a marketing strategy for your yoga biz.

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. Week to week, month to month and even yearly content creation plan
2. The types of content that we create in our businesses
3. The balance between paid and unpaid content promotion
4. The struggle & joy of videos

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Life happens…I’ve been left without content for that week or multiple weeks. And that’s not really effective for running a business that’s sustainable and constantly creating interaction with your clients.”

“A huge part of being intentional and being strategy is recognizing that there are things you really love to do, but they aren’t an appropriate use of your time.”

“When you tell stories, it engages people in your humanity.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“The biggest thing with video is that people need to see you and feel like they are interacting with you.”

“At the beginning of your business, people aren’t asking you questions yet, so the step before that [answering questions as content] is to talk about the things you have strong opinions about.”

“Re-purposing content is a great way of not feeling like you have to constantly re-create the content wheel.”

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