Episode 36: Advanced Asana: Pros, Cons and Questions

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The Show:

The super exciting, and sometimes super confronting world,  of advanced asana.

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. The definition of advanced asana varies, we’re talking about postures that require a lot of warm up, preparation and practice.
2. Advanced asana is beautiful, but it does have a downside.
3. The wisdom that comes with practice.

Laura’s Wise Words:

“You can’t know a student’s body entirely for them and sometimes they may not even really know it entirely for themselves.”

“On one hand it can be so inspiring and on the other it can be so intimidating.”

“You can do way more damage than you’re doing good, if you’re obsessively pursuing something.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“What’s advanced is not the same as what’s advanced in another body.”

“Somebody might be able to do an advanced posture…but they may have a really hard time doing an advanced pose like savasana or being able to sit in meditation.”

“How do we help people see that the goal doesn’t always have to be bigger or deeper or more, it can just be.”

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