Episode 27: Take Your Teaching Online

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The Show:

  • Scaling your yoga biz by taking it online
  • Both Kate & Laura took their businesses online
  • How online & in person biz are different
  • Different ways you can offer yoga online

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. Trading time for dollars = not scaleable
2. Online biz has more of a learning curve, but it allows you to go bigger if you do it right (with a brand!)
3. The benefits of (and how to) offering yoga “for free” online
4. Listen to our take on “famous” yoga teachers

Laura’s Wise Words:

“[the internet] is such an effective way to scale and now it’s easier than ever.”

“[Instagram] is a great way to do some free tutorials without giving away all the goods, ’cause you’ve only got 15 seconds.”

“It’s all in the type of content & how it’s delivered. You can’t isolate one from the other.”

Web | SheOms

Insta | @sheoms

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“I could scale what I was doing in an online way. Which would give me that freedom piece to be studioless and location independent.”

“There’s been a reality check that you don’t just build this over night…having an online business is more challenging than having an online business.”

“Get curious about what people respond to.”

Web | You & the yoga mat

Insta | @youandtheyogamat

Twitter | @kateconnellyoga


Right brain vs Left Brain

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