Episode 26: Deciding on Your Next Training

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The Show:

  • How we can learn to, ask Laura says, “manage our energy” when things are coming up for us personally
  • How to gauge your crazy and how to respond as a result
  • The art of sharing and the curse of oversharing
  • How to keep some of your energy on the ‘inside’

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. How to evaluate a training before taking the plunge.
2. Investing in business training vs yoga/asana training.
3. What are your training priorities?
4. Listen to our take on “famous” yoga teachers

Laura’s Wise Words:

“You can have an amazing offering, but no one is going to buy into if you don’t have business sense. And you can have the best business sense in the world, but if people buy in and the experience they have is not what they are expecting…and you garner a bad reputation.”

“Before you invest in a training you need an understanding not just of a teacher’s brand, but the experiences that students have as they train with those teachers.”

“Consider your learning style and how the training is going to be delivered…I didn’t learn that until way later on.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“We have a duty to be lifelong learners.”

“Make a want to study list!”

“I try to seek out people who are really gifted at certain things—niched out.”

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