Episode 25: Connecting with Yourself & Your Purpose with Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

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The Show:

  • Special Guest Jessica Boylston Fagonde talks about connecting with yourself & your purpose
  • Creation & Expression for yoga entrepreneurs
  • Creating from Your Soul & Expressing from Your Heart
  • Making true impact with your students and your clients.

Jessica’s Wise Words

There is always a piece of ourselves that we are bringing to our work.

The soul is who you are—the real authentic version of yourself—that’s where creativity comes from.

What helps us ignite our voice is allowing ourselves to anchor into the conversation we feel we were meant to have in this moment.

Whatever I’m relating to, it doesn’t mean you’re going to relate to it, but if we can make it relatable, then people start to wake up to that.


Where to find Jessica

Web | Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

Facebook | Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

Twitter | Jessica Boylston Fagonde


Resources + Links From This Epi:

Sticky Mat Society Members receive 10% off these courses. Just reach out to Jessica and let her know where you heard about her courses!

Jessica’s Course: Creation & Expression.

Jessica’s Course: Give Rise to Your Voice & Be the Change.

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