Episode 12 : Dollah Dollah Bills

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The Show:

  • Figuring shit out when it comes to money — hint: you are not alone if you have money baggage
  • Understanding your community and it’s $$$ potential
  • How to look at your energetic output and the financial income when making selections of how to create your schedule
  • The financial responsibility you take when it comes to going PRO as a yoga teacher
  • Have boundaries around seva and trade arrangements

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1.  Work on your abundance mentality and mindset. What does it mean and feel like and look like for you? Keep your eyes on your own yoga teaching/biz.

2. Understand the standards in your area but don’t let them dictate the value you need to receive based on your expertise.

3. Have clear boundaries around your dollah dollah bills – contracts, policies, boundaries.

4. Practice having hard money convos until they feel more and more effortless.

5. Work on adding more value!

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Ask yourself: How do I really feel money? Am I open to abundance in the life or do I feel dirty?”

“Have really clear boundaries around seva and monitor the frequency of those arrangements.”

“What you’re teaching needs to have value, especially when people are paying for it.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

Regarding $$$ mindset: “It’s not unique to you if you suffer from these things.”

“There are dialogues in the yoga community that making money is not yogic and that can add additional layers to your [money issues].”

“Being a studioless yoga teacher requires you to set your own minimums.”

“People need to know the financial value of it [the discounted price]”.

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Resources + Links From This Epi:

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Sufi Saying: We need to give not from the depths of our well but from it’s overflow.

Kate Northrup‘s work Money: A Love Story

Denise Duffield-Thomas‘s work Lucky Bitch


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