Episode 002: It’s All About that Niche

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The Show:

  • What niches are + how to ‘classify’ them in yoga speak.
  • How niches lead to more business and clarity in your yoga biz.
  • What Glamour mag can teach us about crafting our own niches based on our Do’s + Don’ts.
  • Play with this sentence: I help [this type of person] achieve this [result] by [solving this problem] through [this type of yoga].

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

  1. What are your Do’s + Don’ts?
  2. What are you INTO?
  3. Who are your fave students + clients – think of the specific ones you adore working with most and want to multiply.
  4. What do you help these yogis accomplish?
  5. What’s your YOU-ness and why does that matter in the yoga context? Try them on!

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Knowing exactly who you serve allows you to get really good at an recognized for one particular aspect of your industry.”

“Whatever niche you choose should be something you really love so that your passion for it shines through.”

“When it comes to doing purposeful, meaningful work – niches allow you to make more impact.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“You don’t find a niche, you make a niche.”

“Once you get clear on your specialties and focuses you get clear on everything else.”

“When it comes to niching, you’re already closer than you think.”

“You’re not married to your niche.”

“Where you start is not going to be where you finish.”

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Resources + Links From This Epi:

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Renee Novello | Sustainable Wellness

Beats | Kevin MacLeod

Stephanie Chandler | Own Your Niche

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5 thoughts on “Episode 002: It’s All About that Niche

  1. Loved this! Really trying to gain clarity. Eye opening that Laura realized she can help in the yoga world in ways in addition to teaching. Helpful!

    1. Claudine:
      Thanks so much for listening. I agree, Laura’s a-ha is a great reminder of our ability to help others off the mat + in ways that defy the status quo.

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