Episode 29: Yoga For Athletes, Writing Books, And Fits-All Advice with Sage Rountree

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The Show:

  1. Sage shares her introduction(s) to yoga and the practice benefits that she saw in her pre-natal body and athletic body
  2. We talk about voice, the ‘ven diagram’, and the equation that helped Sage (and us!) get clear
  3. We talk about owning your strengths and jumping into things before you feel ready -> huge a-ha’s lie ahead here!
  4. Write a book on your bucket list? Candid book talk alert! Sage jumps into some frank talk about what she’s learning from pitching books, writing books, and selling books.


Snippets from Sage:

“Whatever the issue is, yoga can make things better.”

“Getting clear about the problem and how yoga is going to solve it is going to make exploration into the niche easier to do and marketing your services to other people.”

On the intersection of being a yoga teacher + entrepreneur: “It’s useful to know where your strengths are.”

“If you wait until you are ready, you are never going to do it.”

“How angry would I be if someone else did this before I got to do it?”

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