Episode 23: To sub or not to sub?

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The Show:

  • The current state of the subbing situation
  • The formula: do you blend, copycat, or be 1000% you when subbing?
  • That one time Laura + I both subbed for Ashtanga classes
  • The importance of teaching your greatest hits and not pulling new tricks in front of a fresh room

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. We can learn a lot about how we define ‘other yoga teacher’s space’ — what comes up for you when you consider this?
2. Blending how you teach with the teachers style is a key way to overcome a lack of confidence but it may not feel 100% authentic to you — consider your personal sub policy.
3. How can you get ‘good’ and strategic while subbing for others?

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Be mindful of pre and post best practices as you sub someone else’s class.”

“Respect the space, know the expectations to create a good experience with everyone involved.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“When I first started subbing, I thought I had to apologize.”

“Make sure you resonate at the location that you’re subbing at. Make yourself part of the community + become a fixture in the space/studio.”

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