Welcome to the Sticky Mat Society —a sisterhood of yoga teachers & educators invested in elevating the yoga industry —one candid conversation at a time.

Our society is founded on four corners (of the sticky mat):

  • Biz Ethics
  • Mindful Marketing
  • Community Curation
  • Everlasting Education

What exactly is this society?

We are so glad you asked! Society is just our fancy way of saying community. This is a space where yoga professionals come together to share their experiences to shed some light on how we can do business more mindfully to create positive change and to live more abundantly.

How do I get involved in the Sticky Mat Society?

We thought you’d never ask. But now that you have, we just can’t wait to share.

Join our Facebook Group — We’re always talking up a storm over there on Facebook. It’s a place where we’re always working to crack the yoga biz code and where we are surrounded by people who are honest enough to tell us when we need to dial it down on the coffee and dial it up on the sleep.

Join our Monthly Calls—  Once a month, we’re hosting calls about the questions that we all have about the yoga biz, but we’re too embarrassed to ask about—or even worse, the questions that we have asked and, in turn, received totally useless answers. This wouldn’t be a society if we let just anyone in, though. We accept just 8 people per call. If you want to be one of those lucky 8, apply to join us for the next call right over here.

Write for the Society— Got something to say that will elevate this industry? We want to hear it. Be sure to read through our submission guidelines before you send in your guest blog post. You can find everything you need on our Write for the Society page.