Episode 24: When Life Gets in the Way

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The Show:

  • How we can learn to, ask Laura says, “manage our energy” when things are coming up for us personally
  • How to gauge your crazy and how to respond as a result
  • The art of sharing and the curse of oversharing
  • How to keep some of your energy on the ‘inside’

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. How can you build up your community so you have an appropriate sounding board
2. What things are as Livia calls “triggers” for you?
3. How can you process instead of regurgitate?
4. Start journaling! Learn to process things from multiple angles

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Teaching yoga is different than showing up to a corporate job and doing what you need to do.”

“Teaching can be therapeutic when you are going through stressful times because you need to be so present – but there is a line.”

“We hear a lot about authenticity — people think that means sharing all of who you are. I disagree wholeheartedly with that.”

“When you are sharing your life experience to teach and inspire from within the context of yoga, you need to step back and ask, ‘Is the time for you to talk about it?'”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“Boundaries are the way you want people to treat you. Policies are the agreements you put in place to teach others to respect your boundaries.”

“A true professional is able to show up most of the time and put that stuff aside. A true professional also knows when they are not able to fully show up and make arrangements for that.”

“We need to be discerning about what things we share from our personal life.”

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