Episode 17: Being A Student On Someone Else’s Teaching Turf

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The Show:

  • Thoughts on being a student in another teacher’s class
  • The ethics of the situation and our opinions, lessons, and things we need to improve upon as students
  • Our thoughts on this quote: ‘Never censor your yoga practice because you don’t know who you are inspiring.’

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. Uncover your thoughts on how far is too far for modifying in a group class

2. Consider what group classes are a good fit for your needs + don’t attend the others

3. Ask yourself: How can you flip your perspective when another thought pattern is being presented? And when should you be going to the beat of your own drum in your personal sadhana?

Laura’s Wise Words:

“I give myself a lot of permission when I’m taking group classes.”

“There is a balance between ego and showing off and doing things that help you keep you focused in your own practice.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“There are times when I take a higher harmonic of a pose, I worry I’m contributing to this idea that we need to take the fullest version of a pose.”

“We either are or aren’t contributing to the status quo of group classes.”

“Striving happens in all yoga classes, it just looks different.”

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