Episode 16: The Cost Of Free Yoga

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The Show:

  • Does free yoga ‘devalue’ our industry? What are the implications of free and the frequency of free?
  • The role of karma yoga + why it’s not the same as teaching a free class at an athletic store on a Saturday morn’.
  • A conversation on ‘not needing the money’ and why it damages the livelihood of yoga teachers.
  • Why we want to redirect the ‘blame game’ in regards to free this + that.

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:


1. Ask yourself: What is the reason you are considering teaching for free? Are you able to make it up on the other end? If no, head back to the drawing board.

2. Discover your policy on ‘free’. What do you stand for?

3. Communicating the true value of yoga is even if you don’t charge that amount.

Remember: You as the individual have power to inspire the collective. We need your voice to elevate the industry!

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Here we are spending thousands of dollars on a certification and turning around and teaching for free.”

“I want to see the incredible people in my community be able to make a living.”

All of Laura’s thoughts on ‘not needing the money’ are quotables — make sure you get to that part of the episode. You’ll be shaking your head!


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A-ha’s from Kate:

“One of the things we see poking a hole in the sustainability of the career choice of a yoga teacher is the concept (and frequency) of free yoga.”

“You can show people the value of what you are giving them for a discounted price.”

“Every thing that we do, every choice we make as yoga teachers need to stem back to a reason.”


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