Episode 14 : Before Teaching Best Practices

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The Show:

  • Being the authority in the space
  • How to create space for your own presence and energy pre-class
  • Making a personal connection with each student

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

This week ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are you pre-class rituals? How do you create quiet time before you teach?
2. How do you make students feel ‘seen’ by you before class?
3. In what ways are you preparing what you are teaching + relating this back to what students are experiencing in their body?
4. How are you stepping into your role as ring leader/cruise director and prioritizing what you need to address in the space?

For this month:

1. Jot down where you have room for celebration (what you currently are doing) and where you can grow.
2. Create steps to create a brand new system and work on it for a month.
3. Let’s connect next month and hear what you learn/improve upon/rock at.

You’ve got this!

Laura’s Wise Words:

“I need to create time in my schedule to be present before teaching.”

“In regards to injuries, we’re not telling them how [students] to make it better but we are encouraging them to be intuitive into what is going on.”

“Take ownership in a group setting in regards to how people are setting up their mats.”

“The cruise director does not freak out each time she needs to direct the cruise.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“When I took ownership over the class I stepped into my role as a yoga teacher and business owner.”

“We need to do our yoga practice before we step on the mat and teach anyone else. Students first, educators second.”

“You are the cruise director in your group classes.”

“Our goal is sustainability.”

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