Episode 13 : Do What You Say You’re Going To

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The Show:

  • How follow-thru boils down to your ethics and intentions in yoga biz
  • How to build steps into your day, business, and life to reinforce your follow-thru patterns (hint: it’s not natural for everyone — not even us)
  • What keeps us from following up and doing what we say we’re gonna anyway?
  • Overcoming overwhelm by learning each time how to do better

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1.  Get clear around when you need to follow-up and follow-thru on a weekly basis

2. Create your own “Genius List”

3. Under-schedule yourself!

4. Don’t start from scratch over + over again — create systems!

Laura’s Wise Words:

“Do what you say you are going to do.”

“If you don’t follow-thru people will stop doing business with you.”

“Prioritization is one of the main ways to ensure you can follow-thru.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“Fortune is in the follow-up.”

“Practice follow-thru as a spiritual and divine practice.”

“Batch like with like.”

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