Episode 28: Insta-Growth—Using Instagram to Grow your Yoga Biz

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The Show:

  • Social Media is a great tool for growing your biz, because it doesn’t cost money, but it does cost TIME.
  • Instagram as a way of creating a “brand” without hiring a designer.
  • The good, the neutral and the possibly unethical of posting your asana on Instagram

#Stickynotes + Weekly Work:

1. The Instagram formula is all about consistency.
2. Creating a “brand” image that is clearly identifiable as mine
3. The importance of creating space in your day for “marketing” on Instagram
4. Why quantity matters on Instagram

Laura’s Wise Words:

“It’s a little naive to think you’re going to build a business in this day and age without social media.”

“I’m a huge advocate for giving the people what they want, within reason.”

“People are more open to following brands on Instagram than they are on Facebook.”

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A-ha’s from Kate:

“If you’re working with the aging population, probably scorpion handstand isn’t the best photo to have on your website.”

“You get to decide how much asana makes it onto your social media accounts.”

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